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About The Book

Written by a novice hunter, this book describes the pursuit of adventure that hunting provides, for the first 70 years of his life. It begins by describing how the hunting bug bit. It continues through the experiences the author enjoyed from hunting with a Red Ryder BB gun on the family Kansas farm through hunting big game in various states in the US, many provinces in Canada, three countries in Africa and in New Zealand. The author graduated from the BB gun and progressed through many of the rifle and shotgun bores up to and including the 458 Lott in the hunts describe in this book.

It is more than just a book about hunting in that it includes many pen and ink sketches by the author and a descriptive analysis of what was involved in the entire experience each trip provided. It is written in a storytelling style. It defines the total experience of each trip, including all the travel adventure components of the story that defines what hunting to the author is all about. Hunting is a vehicle for experiencing adventure in many parts of the world and provided this hunter with memories that could not have been duplicated by just travel alone. This book provides insight into the animals hunted, the geographical variations of the countries hunted, the culture and the personalities of the people encountered and the wonderful personal friendships that hunting has afforded this Half Fast Hunter.