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About the Author

Bill Yung Photo with cape buffalo

Bill with his first Cape Buffalo, Country/Year

I was born and raised on a farm in Kansas and spent the first fifty years of my life, except for two years on active duty with the Army, living working and raising a family in that state. I graduated from Kansas State University with a BS and MS in Landscape Architecture and have been a practicing Landscape Architect for 43 years since my return from Vietnam in 1967. I started my own private practice in 1975 in Wichita, KS and remained there until 1990 when I moved my business to Branson, Missouri, where I now reside with Maggie, my wife of 48 years.

My rural background has always kept me involved in farm life, raising cattle and crops in addition to my professional design practice. Maggie and I still prefer living as far from the urban lights as is practical. I hunted as a kid as did most kids of my generation and have hunted on a limited basis my entire life. I became interested in big game hunting in 1982 and have been hooked every since. I always kept a journal about the experiences of each trip and over the years I have compiled a massive stack of stories about every hunting and fishing trip I have ever taken, as well as all my travels abroad on a trip-by-trip basis. After being bitten by the writing bug, I have even written stories about my childhood and my experiences in Vietnam.

At the encouragement from Maggie, I decided to combine a few of those hunting stories, and the silliness involved in each into my first book, The Half Fast Hunter. I do not consider myself an author but instead a storyteller. It is my opinion that we all have stories to tell, and it is truly a shame more people do not take up the pen.

I have also been fascinated by the art of pen and ink sketches. I have always sketched but in recent years I have spent a great deal more time practicing that skill. I applied that skill in the preparation of the sketches that appear in the Half Fast Hunter. Those sketches are, however, only representative of several hundred other sketches I have drawn of a variety of subjects. My favorite subject is of course animals, but having the opportunity to sit and sketch nearly every evening for an hour or so, regardless of the subject, is one of the highlights of my life.